Mark Zuckerberg

$33.4 Billion
Facebook, Self Made
Cofounder, Chairman and CEO, Facebook
Palo Alto, CA
Marital Status
United States
Drop Out, Harvard University
Self Made Score
Description :

His social networking site Facebook has entered into advanced pinnacle, the revenue of the firm evolved 58% in 2014 up to $12.5 billion supported by a step up in mobile ads. Nearly 1.4 billion people around the planet are members of the network and to believe or not 3 billion people are watching videos in the site per day. Instagram system of Facebook has more than 300 million users, on the same mobile messaging app whatsapp is purchased for $19 billion in cash and stock in 2014, it has 700 million users with increasing growth. The next goal of mark is to turn virtual reality headset maker Oculus VR into a next generation computing platform, and paid $2 billion in 2014. Foremost is product should come out from Oculus. According to some sources given by Forbes, in his Life he had dropped down $100 million for 700 acres in Hawaii on Kauai's north shore. Mean while mark is an active Samaritan: he and his wife Priscilla Chan dedicated $25 million to strive out Ebola in October 2014 and $75 million to a new trauma center at San Francisco General Hospital in February 2015.

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